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    When you join Maestro Trader you will get specific training materials
    that are custom-tailored to your goals and needs.
    Get started today with this complementary streaming video series where
    you will learn five basic option trading strategies that work in up, down, and sideways markets.
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    Option Trading is like playing CHESS. If you master GREEKS You will enjoy a lot as Success rate will be High.
    After some time by Practice and Experience You can become Grand Master in Option Also.
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    Successful options trading is not about being correct most the time,
    but about being a good repair mechanic.
    When things go wrong, as they often do, you need the proper tools
    and techniques to get your strategy back on the profit track.
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    "I'm always thinking about losing money as opposed to making money.
    Don't focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have".
    Be patient in trading otherwise you will become patient in hospital .
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    Learn from experienced and successful traders who shares
    their 100s of mistakes committed by them during their trading career.
    You must learn from the mistakes of others.
    You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.
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    Most of the time Bulls and Bears Get Caught on Wrong Foot
    What is called Whipsaws,
    Nothing to worry who are hedged and managing Greeks Properly
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    "This (Trading) is not a job where you get paid by the hour.
    You get paid for doing the right thing".
    Without hedging is like Walking Naked on main road with Eyes Closed.
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    Options are very versatile and allow you to change your position according to the situation ?
    They can be speculative or conservative depending on your trading strategy,
    but the risk can be mitigated by having a firm basic understanding of Greeks.

Maestro Trader was founded with a goal to educate people in the field of Equity & Derivatives Markets and provide software which would give them an edge in trading.

Basic Option Trader

The main focus of Basic Options Trader is to explain the depth of Futures and Options Market. It contains detailed explanation of meaning of Options, Types of Options, Pay off of Call, Put and Future. Students will get the opportunity to understand how to make Options Strategies.

The main advantageous factor in Options market is that we can take any type of view in market. It can be slightly bullish, bearish, highly bullish, bearish, Volatile, Range bound etc. As we get lot of different strike prices in Options Market so we can make strategies suitable to our technical view also.

Understanding of Pay off Graph helps to understand the 360 degree behavior of Options Strategies at different Spot Prices. It also helps students to find out the opportunities in live market. Read More ...

Greek Option Trader

As the name suggests, the main focus of this course is to explain the depth of Options Pricing and Options Greeks & Greek related Options Strategies. As the assignment of Option is depending upon the settlement price of Underlying, so we need to find out the probability of underlying stock to move. That probability of movement is completely depending upon the volatility of stock and time to maturity. So we get Options Premium after considering the Volatility and Time to maturity. This workshop creates sound understanding of behavior of Options premium at different Spot price & at different Volatility and at different time to maturity.

The Options Greeks help us to understand the change in Options Premium with respect to change in different variables of Options Premium. It becomes very difficult for a trader to find out the profit and loss scenario of whole portfolio at different time interval. Options Greeks help to find out the different scenarios when investor is going to make money and when he is going to lose money. Read More ...

Expert Option Writer

The Options Premium has two values a. Intrinsic Value, b. Time Value. Time Value of an Option reduces as the time approaches maturity. It requires very good understanding of Options to earn this time value continuously for long term. Expert Options Writer intends to earn that Time Value of Options Premium.

The course starts from Basics and takes the student to Advanced and practical level such that a novice participant can also understand the full course. This course gives an opportunity to understand how and why an Option writer makes money and what type of risk they carry. It essentially focuses on the reasons of Risk and how we can reduce the probability of loss in those scenarios. Read More ...

Price Action Trader

There is no widely accepted definition of price action, but We think a broad one is most helpful for traders. We like the one that we were use in the first video in the course, and we are basing this article on that video. Price action is any representation of price movement of any financial instrument, on any type of chart and on any timeframe

The Maestrotrader Price Action Trading Course is a collection of 53 videos with a total length of more than 36 hours, which We created to help traders MAKE MONEY. When you buy the trading course, We will send you an email that contains four links, which will allow you to download all of the videos. The first two zip files contain the first 33 videos, which are on price action fundamentals. The remaining two zip files contain the remaining 20 videos, which are about how to use those principles when trading. Read More ...

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