Basic option Trader

The main focus of Basic Options Trader is to explain the depth of Futures and Options Market. It contains detailed explanation of meaning of Options, Types of Options, Pay off of Call, Put and Future. Students will get the opportunity to understand how to make Options Strategies.

The main advantageous factor in Options market is that we can take any type of view in market. It can be slightly bullish, bearish, highly bullish, bearish, Volatile, Range bound etc. As we get lot of different strike prices in Options Market so we can make strategies suitable to our technical view also.

Understanding of Pay off Graph helps to understand the 360 degree behavior of Options Strategies at different Spot Prices. It also helps students to find out the opportunities in live market.

Virtual Class software and Study material also helps students to learn and grasp Options Strategies in very simple manner. This workshop covers strategies like Bull Call Spread, Bear Put Spread, Bull Put Spread, Bear Call Spread, Straddle, Strangle, Condor, Butterfly, Ratio Spread, Calendar Spread etc. Learning all these strategies on live market software create sound understanding of practical aspect of Derivatives trading.

Workshop also covers detailed understanding of Open Interest theory. Open Interest Analysis explains the involvement of investors at each strike price. It also helps to understand the view of Powerful hands Vs weak hands, support and resistance level of underlying stock.

This workshop is must for people who want to make their career in Capital Market, Derivatives market. It is also good for CA, MBAs or Financial Advisers who wants to understand different hedging techniques against the exposure of their clients. It is also good for students of CA, CFA, MBA who want to make their career in fund management, arbitrage, research segment.

Participants will get certificate after completion of full workshop.

Benefits: A Good career in Stock Market as....

Trader Fund Manager Dealer
Investor Research Analyst Arbitrager
Sub- Broker Member Jobber

Helpful to clear following NCFM Modules.....

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Equity Derivatives : A Beginner's Module Derivatives Market (Dealer) Module

Course Add-ons:

  • Study Material
  • Practice on Various Software
  • Self Practice Homework

Mode of Delivery: Online Module

Features of Online Module
  • E Learning
  • Recorded Video Session
  • Learn at your convenient time & place
  • Easiest way to learn
  • Queries / Doubts Solutions on Mail

System Requirement:

  • PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smart Phone
  • Headphone / Speaker
  • Google Account

Option Trader

Basic Option Trader : Index

PHASE 1 : Faculty Introduction

1 Faculty Introduction

PHASE 2 : Options Basics

1 Call Buy Introduction
2 Pay off Graph Explanation
3 Call Sell Explanation
4 BEP of Call Option
5 Put Buy Introduction
6 Put Sell Explanation
7 BEP of Put Option
8 Types of Options by Intrinsic

PHASE 3 : Formula for Synthetic Derivatives

9 Synthetic Future - Buy & Sell
10 Synthetic Call - Buy & Sell
11 Synthetic Put - Buy & Sell
12 Shortcut for Synthetic Formula

PHASE 4 : Straddle & Strangle Strategies

13 Long Straddle
14 Short Straddle
15 Long Strangle
16 Difference of Straddle & Strangle
17 Short Strangle
18 When to make Straddle Strangle

PHASE 5 : Bullish & Bearish Strategies

19 Bull Call Spread
20 Bull Put Spread
21 Bear Call Spread
22 Bear Put Spread
23 How to find BEP in Bull Bear Spread

PHASE 6 : Ratio Spread Strategies

24 Introduction to Ratio Spread
25 Call Ratio Front Spread
26 Call Ratio Back Spread
27 Put Ratio Back Spread
28 Call Ratio Front Spread Ladder
29 Put Ratio Front Spread Ladder
30 Call Ratio Back Spread Ladder
31 Put Ratio Back Spread Ladder
32 How to Calculate BEP in Ratio Spread
33 When to make Ratio Strategies

PHASE 7 : Butterfly & Condor Strategies

34 Introduction to Butterfly Strategy
35 Long Call Butterfly
36 Short Call Butterfly
37 Long Put Butterfly
38 Short Put Butterfly
39 How Call Butterfly and Put Butterfly are Same
40 Long Iron Butterfly
41 Long Call Condor
42 Short Call Condor
43 Long Put Condor
44 Long Iron Condor
45 Short Iron Condor
46 When to make Butterfly & Condor Strategy

PHASE 8 : Calender Spread & PCP

47 Long Calendar Spread
48 Short Calendar Spread
49 Put Call Parity

PHASE 8 : Calender Spread & PCP

47 Long Calendar Spread
48 Short Calendar Spread
49 Put Call Parity

PHASE 9 : Open Interest Theory

50 Introduction to Open Interest
51 How to take view using Open Interest
52 Conclusion Basic Options Trader