Expert Option Writer

The Options Premium has two values a. Intrinsic Value, b. Time Value. Time Value of an Option reduces as the time approaches maturity. It requires very good understanding of Options to earn this time value continuously for long term. Expert Options Writer intends to earn that Time Value of Options Premium.

The course starts from Basics and takes the student to Advanced and practical level such that a novice participant can also understand the full course. This course gives an opportunity to understand how and why an Option writer makes money and what type of risk they carry. It essentially focuses on the reasons of Risk and how we can reduce the probability of loss in those scenarios.

The Course Covers:

Option Basics When to Exit from Trade
Option Greeks Hedging Concepts
Volatility Delta Nutral Strategies
Time Value Gamma Management
How to Initiate Trades in Market? Relationship between Theta, Gamma,Volatility and Options Premium
How to Manage?

Essential for Whom:

  • Trader, Arbitrageur, Investor, Member, Sub-Broker, Jobber.
  • Aspirants desiring to make their career in Capital Market or Derivatives market
  • CAs, MBAs or financial advisors who wants to understand different hedging techniques against the exposure of their clients.
  • For students of CA, CFA, MBA who want to make their career in fund management, arbitrage, research segment.

Benefits: A Good career in Stock Market as....

Trader Fund Manager Dealer
Investor Research Analyst Arbitrager
Sub- Broker Member Jobber

Helpful to clear following NCFM Modules.....

Security Market Basic Module Capital Market (Dealer) Module Options Trading Strategies Module
Equity Derivatives : A Beginner's Module Derivatives Market (Dealer) Module

Course Add-ons:

  • Study Material
  • Practice on Various Software
  • Self Practice Homework

Mode of Delivery: Online Module

Features of Online Module
  • E Learning
  • Recorded Video Session
  • Learn at your convenient time & place
  • Easiest way to learn
  • Queries / Doubts Solutions on Mail

System Requirement:

  • PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smart Phone
  • Headphone / Speaker
  • Google Account

Option Trader

Expert Option Writer : Index

PHASE 1 : Faculty Introduction

1 Faculty Introduction

PHASE 2 : Options Basics

1 Call Buy Introduction in Hindi
2 Option Pay off Graph Explanation Hindi
3 Call Option Sell Explanation Hindi
4 BEP of Call Option Buy Sell
5 Put Buy Introduction in Hindi
6 Put Option Sell Explanation
7 BEP of Put Option Buy Sell
8 Type of Options as per Intrinsic Value
9 Diff between Call Buy and Put Sell

PHASE 3 : Formula for Synthetic

10 Synthetic Future Buy and Sell
11 Synthetic Call Buy and Call Sell
12 Synthetic Put Buy and Sell
13 Shortcut Method to derive Synthetic Options Formula

PHASE 4 : Straddle & Strangle Strategies

14 Long Straddle
15 Short Straddle
16 Long Strangle
17 Difference between Long Straddle and Long Strangle
18 Short Strangle
19 When to make Straddle Strangle Strategy

PHASE 5 : Option Pricing

20 Options Pricing Introduction
21 Options Pricing with respect to Time to Maturity
22 Relationship of Options Premium with its Variables
23 How to Use Options Software to understand Options and Greeks

PHASE 6 : Option Greeks

24 Introduction to Options Greeks
25 Calculation of Options Greeks on Options Calculator
26 How to use VolHedge Software to learn Options Behavior
27 How to Calculate Portfolio Greeks
28 How to neutral the Portfolio Greeks

PHASE 7 : Delta

29 Delta Introduction
30 How to Calculate Portfolio Delta
31 How to Neutral Portfolio Delta
32 Delta Impact Change in P&L with respect to Change in Spot
33 Important Points of Delta

PHASE 8 : Vega

34 Vega Introduction
35 Behavior of Vega with respect to ITM, ATM or OTM Options
36 Behavior of Vega with respect to Time to Maturity
37 How to Calculate Portfolio Vega
38 How to neutral the Portfolio Vega
39 Traders Desire with respect to Vega
40 Important Points of Vega

PHASE 9 : Theta

41 Theta Introduction
42 Behavior of Theta with respect to ITM, ATM and OTM Options
43 Behavior of Theta with respect to Volatility
44 Behavior of Theta with respect to Time to Maturity
45 How to Calculate Portfolio Theta
46 How to neutral Portfolio Theta
47 Theta Impact on Profit and Loss
48 Traders desire with respect to Theta
49 Important Points of Theta

PHASE 10 : Rho

50 Explanation of Rho

PHASE 11 : Gamma

51 Gamma Introduction
52 Calculation of Gamma
53 Value of Put Gamma
54 Behavior of Gamma with respect to ITM, ATM and OTM Options
55 Behavior of Gamma with respect to Time to Maturity
56 How to Calculate Gamma
57 How to Calculate Portfolio Gamma
58 How to Neutral Portfolio Gamma
59 What is my view when my Portfolio Gamma is Short or Long
60 Important Points of Gamma

PHASE 12 : Impact of Greeks

61 Joint Impact of Greeks on Profit and Loss Part1
62 Joint Impact of Greeks on Profit and Loss Part2

PHASE 13 : Option Writing

63 Short Gamma Strategy Part1
64 Short Gamma Strategy Part2
65 Benefit of Delta Neutral Process
66 Low Delta Short Gamma Strategy
67 How to neutral the Delta effectively
68 Importance of Algorithmic Program Trading Software

PHASE 14 : Volatility of Options

69 Introduction of Volatility
70 Why Implied Volatility of an Option Changes Continuously

PHASE 15 : Pros & Cons in Options Writings

71 Stock Options Vs Index Options Selling
72 Selection of Strike Price as per Open Interest
73 How to avoid the risk of Unlimited Losses
74 Combination of Next month Options Writing and Current month Options Hedging
75 Importance of Delta Neutral through Synthetic Future
76 Risk Management System
77 How to exit when market is volatile or goes against you 1
78 How to exit when market is volatile or goes against you 2
79 Strategies for Different Time Zone
80 Options writing with Small Investment

PHASE 14 : What is Next?

81 Action Plan for next one month