Greek Option Trader

As the name suggests, the main focus of this course is to explain the depth of Options Pricing and Options Greeks & Greek related Options Strategies. As the assignment of Option is depending upon the settlement price of Underlying, so we need to find out the probability of underlying stock to move. That probability of movement is completely depending upon the volatility of stock and time to maturity. So we get Options Premium after considering the Volatility and Time to maturity. This workshop creates sound understanding of behavior of Options premium at different Spot price & at different Volatility and at different time to maturity.

The Options Greeks help us to understand the change in Options Premium with respect to change in different variables of Options Premium. It becomes very difficult for a trader to find out the profit and loss scenario of whole portfolio at different time interval. Options Greeks help to find out the different scenarios when investor is going to make money and when he is going to lose money.

This workshop also explains interrelationship between different Options Greeks.

In current scenario, Implied Volatility of Options are moving more dynamically compare to movement in Spot Price which enforce us to understand the logics behind the concept of Implied Volatility. Volatility Smile and Volatility Skew curve help us to find out mispricing opportunity in full Options chain. Implied Volatility also suggest us the good option to buy and sell. It finds out whether the Option is cheap or expensive.

This workshop explains Greeks oriented Strategies like Short Gamma Strategy, Long Gamma Strategy, Low Delta Short Vega Strategy, Delta Neutral Strategy, Delta long Short, Vega long Short etc. It also explains the art to initiate, manage and then exit the strategy.

This workshop is useful for people who want to understand the fundamentals of Options Pricing, Options Greeks and Options Trading.

Benefits: A Good career in Stock Market as....

Trader Fund Manager Dealer
Investor Research Analyst Arbitrager
Sub- Broker Jobber Member

Helpful to clear following NCFM Modules.....

Security Market Basic Module Capital Market (Dealer) Module Options Trading Strategies Module
Equity Derivatives : A Beginner's Module Derivatives Market (Dealer) Module

Course Add-ons:

  • Study Material
  • Practice on Various Software
  • Self Practice Homework

Mode of Delivery: Online Module

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  • E Learning
  • Recorded Video Session
  • Learn at your convenient time & place
  • Easiest way to learn
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  • PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smart Phone
  • Headphone / Speaker
  • Google Account

Option Trader

Greek Option Trader : Index

PHASE 1 : Faculty Introduction

1 Faculty Introduction

PHASE 2 : Options Pricing

1 Options Pricing Introduction
2 Options Pricing with respect to Time to Maturity
3 Meaning and Importance of Implied Volatility - What is Implied Volatility?
4 Difference Between Implied Volatility and Historical Volatility
5 Meaning and Importance of Volatility Smile and Skew
6 Relationship of Options Premium with its Variables
7 How to Use Options Software to understand Options and Greeks
8 Types of Options by Intrinsic

PHASE 3 : Greek Introduction

9 Introduction to Options Greeks
10 Calculation of Options Greeks on Options Calculator
11 How to use VolHedge Software to learn Options Behavior
12 How to Calculate Portfolio Greeks
13 How to neutral the Portfolio Greeks

PHASE 4 :Delta

14 Delta Introduction
15 How to Calculate Portfolio Delta
16 How to Neutral Portfolio Delta
17 Delta Impact Change in P&L with respect to Change in Spot
18 Important Points of Delta

PHASE 5 : Vega

19 Vega Introduction
20 Behavior of Vega with respect to ITM, ATM or OTM Options
21 Behavior of Vega with respect to Time to Maturity
22 How to Calculate Portfolio Vega
23 How to neutral the Portfolio Vega
24 Traders Desire with respect to Vega
25 Important Points of Vega

PHASE 6 : Theta & Rho

26 Theta Introduction
27 Behavior of Theta with respect to ITM, ATM and OTM Options
28 Behavior of Theta with respect to Volatility
29 Behavior of Theta with respect to Time to Maturity
30 How to Calculate Portfolio Theta
31 How to neutral Portfolio Theta
32 Theta Impact on Profit and Loss
33 Traders desire with respect to Theta
34 Important Points of Theta
35 Explanation of Rho
36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

PHASE 7 : Gamma

36 Gamma Introduction
37 Calculation of Gamma
38 Value of Put Gamma
39 Behavior of Gamma with respect to ITM, ATM and OTM Options
40 Behavior of Gamma with respect to Time to Maturity
41 How to Calculate Gamma
42 How to Calculate Portfolio Gamma
43 How to Neutral Portfolio Gamma
44 What is my view when my Portfolio Gamma is Short or Long
45 Important Points of Gamma

PHASE 8 : Greek Impact

46 Joint Impact of Greeks on Profit and Loss Part1
47 Joint Impact of Greeks on Profit and Loss Part2
48 Relationship of Implied Volatility with Options Greeks

PHASE 9 : Short Gamma Strategy

49 Short Gamma Strategy Part1
50 Short Gamma Strategy Part2
51 Low Delta Short Gamma Strategy
52 Benefit of Delta Neutral Process

PHASE 10 : Straddle & Strangle

53 Long Straddle
54 Short Straddle
55 Long Strangle
56 Difference between Long Straddle and Long Strangle
57 Short Strangle
58 Long Straddle Greek Behavior
59 Long Strangle Greek Behavior
60 Short Straddle Short Strangle Greek Behavior
61 When to make Straddle Strangle Strategy
62 Straddle Strangle Jobbing

PHASE 11 : Bullish & Bearish Strategies

63 Bull Call Spread
64 Bull Put Spread
65 Bear Call Spread
66 Bear Put Spread
67 How to Find BEP of Bull and Bear Spread
68 Jobbing Opportunity in Bull and Bear Spread

PHASE 12 : Ratio Spread

69 Introduction to Ratio Spread
70 Call Ratio Front Spread
71 Put Ratio Front Spread
72 Call Ratio Back Spread
73 Put Ratio Back Spread
74 Call Ratio Front Spread Ladder
75 Put Ratio Front Spread Ladder
76 Call Ratio Back Spread Ladder
77 Put Ratio Back Spread Ladder
78 Price Ratio Spread Vs Delta Ratio Spread
79 Jobbing Opportunity in Delta Ratio Spread
80 Vega Ratio Spread
81 When to make Ratio Spread and Ladders

PHASE 13 : Butterfly & Condor Strategies

82 Introduction to Butterfly Strategy
83 Long Call Butterfly
84 Short Call Butterfly
85 Long Put Butterfly
86 Short Put Butterfly
87 How Call Butterfly and Put Butterfly are Same
88 Long Iron Butterfly
89 Short Iron Butterfly
90 Long Butterfly Greek Behavior
91 Short Butterfly Greek Behavior
92 Long Call Condor
92 Vega Ratio Spread
93 Short Call Condor
94 Short Butterfly Greek Behavior
95 Long Iron Condor
96 Short Iron Condor 8:52
97 Long Condor Greek Behavior
98 Short Condor Greek Behavior
99 Short Calendar Spread Greek Behavior

PHASE 14 : Calender Spread Strategies

100 Long Calendar Spread
101 Short Calendar Spread
102 Long Calendar Spread Greek Behavior
103 Short Calendar Spread Greek Behavior

PHASE 15 : Other Strategies

104 Put Call Parity
105 Tik Tak Strategy
106 Daily Break Even Point BEP
107 Book Building Strategy

PHASE 16 : Important Notes

108 Currency Options Greeks and Maturities
109 Sigma Range Calculation and Importance
110 Dispersion Theory
111 Introduction to Open Interest
112 How to take view of Market using Open Interest
113 Greek Options Trader Conclusion